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Torrent Monster 5.5

Search and download music, movies, and other files from Gnutella network

Peer-to-peer protocols are very popular as a means to share large amount of data over the Internet. Torrent Monster is a P2P client for bit torrent downloads. In my opinion, this application distinguishes itself from other software of the same type by its combination of an incredibly simple interface with lots of powerful features.
Torrent Monster features a nice tabbed interface, in which each tab is easily accessed through a navigation pane. Instead of using fixed tabs, these will come and go when needed, as though you were using a tabbed web browser. In many ways, it is similar to other P2P clients, so if you already have some experience in using a client like uTorrent, you will probably use Torrent Monster seamlessly from the start. The app gives detailed information about download tasks, including peers, files and options views. The program provides a way to search the web for torrents directly from its interface using Google as search engine. This can be quite advantageous in the sense that it increases the search scope. However, as it is not subscribed to a specific torrent site, some of the results may be irrelevant.
In addition to downloading contents from the web, this application includes many other features. It allows you to create new torrents to share info with others. You can create subscriptions to RSS feeds so that you can stay up to date with the latest posts. It also lets you access a comprehensive list of radio stations, classified according to their music genres.
In general, Torrent Monster is an excellent peer-to-peer client. It has the advantage of supporting the Gnutella protocol, thus giving its users access to the probably largest P2P community nowadays. Unfortunately, I did not notice any improvements on download speed when I compared it with uTorrent, my regular torrent client.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It has a nice and intuitive interface
  • It allows subscribing to RSS feeds
  • It allows listening to online radio stations
  • It shows extensive information about downloads
  • It supports the Gnutella protocol


  • I did not notice any download speed improvements compared with other similar software
  • It cannot perform specific searches
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